Erosion and Flood Protection

We use cutting-edge data collection and modeling technologies, integrating hydrology, geomorphology, and various other engineering and environmental disciplines to control sediment transport, nutrient runoff and other factors, protecting habitats and infrastructure from flooding and erosion.

Hydrology and Infrastructure

We assess the availability, distribution and quality of water resources, and work to develop sustainable infrastructure that balances our clients’ goals and the water needs of their communities, while conserving watersheds and making effective use of natural and financial resources.


We combine our expertise in agriculture and hydrology to help public and private clients estimate future water demands, identify water sources, support stakeholder integration, develop balanced water portfolios, and forecast, address and comply with national and international regulations.

Water Quality Monitoring

We work closely with clients and regulatory agencies, supporting the development, implementation and monitoring of water resource management plans, assuring water quality compliance for the benefit of communities and aquatic ecosystems.