Electricity Transmission and Distribution

We help clients with challenges ranging from project siting and corridor assessments to facility decommissioning through integrated survey and mapping, subsurface utility engineering, environmental and social assessments, and a wide-range of project management services.

Hydroelectric Power

Entrix Latin America has been actively engaged in hydroelectric projects for more than 25 years, working with clients to meet national and international regulations, obtain licenses, engage stakeholders, and conserve cultural and natural resources to the greatest extent.

Oil and Gas

For more than 30 years, Entrix Latin America has served oil and gas clients ranging from global corporations to local specialized companies. We provide solutions that address upstream, midstream and downstream challenges, facilitate licensing and permissions, and incorporate best practices in health and safety, engineering, stakeholder engagement, and natural resource management.

Renewable Energy

In this sector, we work with governments, NGOs and private clients to assess site placement and accessibility, oversee and advise development, analyze the economic and physical feasibility, and evaluate the social and environmental impacts of the project.