Climate Change and Adaptation

Our wide-range of services within this subsector include identification and assessment of climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies, sustainability plans, urban and non-urban planning and design for climate resilient infrastructure, and complex simulations of future environmental outcomes for responsive climate change policy and management.

Contingency Planning

We work with various types of industries and government agencies to adequately prepare for physical and environmental risks through the development of contingency plans that comply with national and international regulations, and prevent catastrophic consequences.

GHG Emission Reduction and Carbon Sequestration

We identify and evaluate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at various stages of a project’s lifecycle with an aim to reduce, sequester, monitor, mitigate and compensate for the pollution and climate change contributions produced by public and private sector actions and developments.

Incidence Response and Remediation

Entrix Latin America provides a systematized approach to address and manage incidents that impact the natural and social environment, limiting damage, reducing recovery time and costs, and remediating when appropriate and necessary.