Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Successful projects are collaborative and engage various stakeholders. We identify synergies and design strategies for stakeholder engagement and partnership formation with the aim to unite efforts and resources to maximize positive outcomes.

Capacity Building

We share our expertise through education. We train, create modules, develop curriculums and programs in accordance to clients’ needs.

Community Development

We assess, design, implement and manage community development strategies and programs that are integrated with the priorities and needs of the people, and the client’s objectives.

Local Content Development

To maximize a project’s benefits to the local people, we identify, assess, and build capacity amongst the community and their enterprises to enable participation in the workforce and supply chains of a given industry.

Workforce Development

We prepare people to be productive participants in the workforce of a given industry, focusing on developing the human capital of a region to improve incomes, job security, skill-building, health and safety, social inclusion and the overall labor capacity to the benefit of employees and employers.

Trade and Market Development

Sustainable economic development and growth is a key component of our work. We help to transform communities by identifying market opportunities, and developing and strengthening supply chains and SMEs in a variety of industries, including sustainable tourism and smallholder agriculture.

Institutional Strengthening

We assess the gaps and systemic challenges in networks and their entities - groups, individuals, communities - in order to reduce vulnerabilities, improve administration, and support better integration and functionality.

Indigenous People and Cultural Preservation

In Latin America, indigenous people and cultural preservation are delicate and of critical importance. We have a long history of working with clients to build positive relationships with indigenous groups with respect to the existing customs and cultural perspectives.

Community and Government Relations

Communities and local governments are central partners and beneficiaries of the projects we take on. We promote social inclusion, collective action and open communication in our support of public multi-level engagement, outreach, consultation and participation processes.

Corporate Responsibility

As most of our clients go above and beyond the corporate responsibility standards required by national and international entities, we assist in maximizing investments into tangible outcomes and positive social impact that can be measured, monitored, scaled and enhanced.


We adhere to the highest social and environmental standards, ensuring the incorporation of processes that promote best practices in sustainability in every dimension: social, economic and environmental.