We use our in-depth industry experience in coal, metal ores, industrial minerals and aggregates to deliver multidisciplinary services and advanced engineering technologies in the development of innovative, sustainable solutions for mining operations of all sizes.

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Roads and Transportation

We use our experienced team to design functional facilities, assess alternatives, and identify and manage potential conflicts so that governments and private developers comply with regulations and community needs for innovative, cost-efficient, and ecologically and context-sensitive transportation projects.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

We use traditional and cutting-edge methods of surveying and mapping underground utilities, with our highly-trained consultants adept in global positioning and geographic information systems, 3-D underground imaging, CADD and other technologies for data integration and evaluation.

Urban Planning and Sustainable Design

We deliver plans and designs that consider functionality alongside sustainability, and the natural and social environment, in the development of major residential, waterfront, commercial and industrial projects that aim to improve quality of life.