Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring

We assess, design, restore, monitor, and maintain project sites and natural areas, with special consideration to threatened and endangered species, invasive species management, while promoting native landscapes and the highest ecological integrity.

Ecological Assessments

We work closely with clients and government agencies to identify stakeholders and key issues of concern, develop strategies to successfully address those issues, identify major permitting and legal requirements, and ultimately meet federal, state and local environmental policy and international standards.

Environmental Responsibility, Audits, Compliance and Licensing

We help clients comply with local, national and international regulations and develop integrated environmental management plans and strategies to uphold environmental and social responsibility objectives.

Environmental Policy and Economics

We support clients in the evaluation of different natural resource options and their consequences, utilizing structured decision-making frameworks that result in strong, well-informed decisions that adhere to - and improve - policy and protect the environment.

Habitat and Ecosystem Restoration

We use the collaborative effort of environmental specialists, engineers and development practitioners to implement habitat restoration approaches that are sustainable, cost-effective and strategic for ecological functionality and the long-term management of natural resources.

Marine and Coastal Conservation

Entrix Latin America offers expertise in marine, freshwater and estuarine ecology in tropical and temperate environments, combining a broad range of environmental and engineering disciplines to map, model, assess and monitor onshore and offshore activities, with special care for specialized habitats.

Wildlife Rescue and Relocation

We protect biodiversity by rescuing wildlife from project sites, minimizing ecological disturbance, and ensuring species relocation and release into the appropriate habitat.

Archeological Monitoring

With respect to the cultural integrity and the historical resources of the regions we work in, our specialized archaeological services include survey, testing, data recovery, tribal consultation, ethnographic studies, and construction monitoring, as well as the development of treatment and curatorial plans.