Our Services

Our approach combines knowledge and expertise from multiple sectors, allowing us to offer integrated services and products that include - but are not limited to - the following:


Assistance with key decision-making.

Entrix Latin America’s management consultancy is recognized for its innovative and applied approach to improving business performance and supporting informed decision making. Identifying ideas for best practice operation, our consultants work with public and private clients to optimize their investment in physical, economic and social infrastructure projects throughout the region.

›    Analysis of alternatives and social-environmental impacts
›    Data collection and evaluation
›    Development of project processes, adapted to specific context
›    Economic and statistical modeling
›    Specialized technical assistance
›    Socioeconomic analysis
›    Supervision of the conceptual and engineering designs
›    Management and integral coordination of the project from start to finish


Conserving natural resources and systems for generations to come.

Entrix Latin America is one of the world’s leading environmental consultants. Our work and expertise in natural systems assessment and management, environmental impact assessment and monitoring, agricultural development, climate change management, conservation and rehabilitation is unrivaled.

›    Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (EIA and EsIA)
›    Environmental Audits and Compliance (AAC)
›    Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)
›    Environment Site Assessment (ESA)
›    Legal, social and environmental compliance
›    Licensing and permissions
›    Natural resource management
›    Implementation of social and environmental management plans
›    Stakeholder mapping and participatory and consulting processes
›    ISO 9001, 14001, 18000 certifications
›    Compliance with IFC Performance Standards, World Bank ES, and Equator Principles
›    Remediation services
›    Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
›    Laboratory services


Designing integrated and innovative projects and systems.

Entrix Latin America is at the forefront of planning the world we live in. Our specialists and engineers are leaders in the conceptual and engineering design of purposeful and functional structures, spaces and systems that are innovative, yet practical. Our work is underpinned by a necessity to be forward-thinking, resourceful and contemporary. With each project, Entrix Latin America’s design teams are inspiring new directions in creative and strategic design.

›    Concept design
›    Feasibility studies
›    Definitive engineering designs
›    Construction management and supervision
›    Construction materials testing
›    Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and topographical surveys
›    Occupational health and safety
›    Traffic and transportation planning
›    Water supply planning
›    Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)


Delivering positive outcomes across the full project lifecycle.

Entrix Latin America understands that there’s more to a project than delivering a solution. Project management is a significant component of every project that we undertake, with our specialists focusing on intelligent outcomes delivered across the full project lifecycle.

›    Planning, design, implementation and oversight
›    Project and program management
›    Monitoring and evaluation


Going beyond social and environmental responsibility.

We partner with governments, NGOs, aid agencies and private sector clients to promote and deliver innovative solutions for sustainable development. Our experienced teams work to enhance local ownership to encourage long-term and growing prosperity through the improvement of the infrastructure, economic, environmental, health, educational and governance situations of our region.

›    Social participation, consultation and multi-level engagement processes
›    Capacity building and training
›    Corporate social and environmental responsibility initiatives
›    Gender and social inclusion
›    Preservation of cultural resources and heritage
›    Social impact assessment
›    Strategic planning and alliances
›    Sustainability consulting